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K-fasten is the modular system studied to enable technicians to dispose of a series of components specially designed for the anchoring of vending machines, so as not to have to resort to adaptations and improvised solutions.
efficient solution for the existing and new installations.



The system for vending professionals, complete with all the components necessary to block vending machines to the wall, to the floor and in line between them.
In addition to the
economic saving K-fasten allows to obtain savings in terms of application speed and certainty of the result obtained.


K-fasten is suitable for any kind of vending machine on the market, for the anchoring in all conditions of floor and distance from the wall. All components can be orderer separately to respond exactly to the kind of application required and to your own way of working.
K-fasten provides maximum flexibility in the composition of the system in the X-Y-Z axes.


K-fasten is the answer to one important aspect of the vending management: protect vending machines from frequent attempts of shaking and tilting. Each component of the system is realized in 3mm thick steel for maximum resistance and strenght, so as to ensure firm anchoring. K-fasten allows also to create protection cages thanks to the telescopic elements.


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    Wall anchoring using B elements and floor anchoring using A elements

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    Wall anchoring using B elements and floor anchoring using B and B1 elements

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    Wall fixing using B1 elements connected to E/F elements on the lower part of the back of the machine through D plates. In line anchoring using E/F elements at the desired distance.

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    Wall fixing at desired distance using B1 elements connected to E/F elements through D plates.

No more DIY.
Certainty of the result obtained and application speed.