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K-MATIC vending systems is a highly innovative reality which borns from the desire to meet the continuing evolution of modern society and the market.

mission is to facilitate vending operators in the management of the core aspects of their business: money management, protection of vending machines, quality of the service offered.

Thanks to decades of experience gained in the construction of sale systems combined with the latest design techniques and the in-depth study applied to the vending field,
K-MATIC vending systems presents a range of products designed to make safer the activity of vending operators and a system specifically designed to create latest generation vending areas and broaden the horizons of the vending outside the traditional locations.

In line with the will of continuous expansion of the operators and with the current consumption trends: fast but with a great attention paid to quality of the product and service.

Today more than ever attention is focused to the design applied to interiors, constructions and any object of daily use in which vending machines are included.
Therefore comes the need to respect the general trend and create vending areas that integrate harmoniously with the surrounding context and that are consistent with the format required by large organizations and moreover to give the opportunity to vending operators to create a own format that distinguishes their service both from the aesthetic and functional point of view, obtaining an advantage in terms of customer attraction and quality.

K-MATIC vending systems, also offers its proven solutions, promoting the use of vending systems for the resale of any kind of product such as smart innovation applicable to all sectors as a tool to create new business opportunities by operators with a look to the future.
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Innovation, design, quality.